Cii Radio

Cii Radio recently released an honest and factual report of the damage that has been caused to South Africans. please feel free to share far and wide. Those involved in the year long setup of this 'looting' which i call plain straight terrorism, must be held accountable. Cii Radio retains all rights.

SHkmdt Pierre Crous

18July 2021

The Calm Before the Storm

Save your breath and your ammo

SHKmdt Pierre Crous

23 April 2021

SHkmdt Pierre Crous


SHkmdt Pierre Crous


Little Lies DO Infact Matter

Politicians have no place making medical decisions - yet so many citizens, all over the world, praise and trust in their governments as though they were gods.

Am I Understanding This Correctly

Is this how you understand this process, too?


Hier kan jy deur ons meme's rol. Laai af die wat jy kan gebruik en deel op social media

Help ons om jou te help. Versprei ver en wyd.